“There is something about the lilting quality of Freeana on this album that brings solace, harmony and balance to the listener, as if saying there truly is peace and tranquility in the world. It is a beautiful masterpiece done up in a style that is purely and solely, Freeana.

Her music is without a doubt, a gift of the spirit, and her kindred soul seems to permeate her music. What’s truly unique here is that the music of Freeana, while pleasing and universal to a wide audience, somehow escapes commercialism or banality. It speaks deeply, quietly and beautifully to anyone who will listen. Her instrumental, composition, and vocal talents are amazing. If you want something to help you slow your world down for a few minutes, put in this album, sit down, close your eyes and listen!” Read more: Freeana: A Woman’s Chant, Brings Solace, Harmony and Balance! – Jamsphere

“Cambridge musician inspired by her guinea pig 
A guinea pig-inspired CD, “A Child’s Trust,” a new release by Freeana, is loaded with positive self-talk. The talking pig, Jazzie, is featured on the cover, nestled in Mommy’s hair. The experience of…  Read more: Cambridge musician 
inspired by her guinea pig 
Cambridge, Massachusetts – Cambridge Chronicle

“A Woman’s Chant 
Freeana is clearly talented and unique, having secured a spot in the semi-finals as ‘The Most Original Act’ on the New England TV talent show, Talent Conquest, which is where Sony Music recording artists…  Read more: IAE Magazine

“With training in Western, Middle-Eastern and Indian music, this most unusual vocalist/ multi-instrumentalist/ composer has truly presented a one-of-a-kind musical journey through a unique soundscape. Her voice is an extraordinary instrument: singing in her own evocative language, we hear her voice in a multi-layered polyphony, creating rich canonical structures ranging over 3 octaves, which give the feeling of tribal unity, her melismas beautifully complementing the melodic line. read more at Lady Slipper